Whether you are looking for a small art studio, a place to stream video games or vlog, a space to move your small home business, or a place to work… When working from home doesn’t work, the Alberni Valley Makerspace has it covered.

Our goal is to give people of every age the skills and knowledge to build, create and innovate. We focus on the educational model of the S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Through equitable access to tools, resources, support, mentorship, collaborators, and community, the Alberni Valley

At the core of Makerspace are mentorship and sharing knowledge. The generation that helped build the community we are in today has so much knowledge and skill, whether it is a retired millwright sharing knowledge on tools or fabrication or someone sharing knowledge on preserving food or making clothes from a pattern; access to these skills helps the next generation by sharing this knowledge.

We have five small office spaces available for users on short-term leases. The spaces come with unique features like;

  • Free internet access
  • Access to manufacturing and prototyping space and services
  • Access to online resources to help build and develop a digital presence through e-commerce, social media, web platforms
  • Reception and delivery options

These spaces are designed to help individuals who want to move their small home-based operations, transition into larger spaces, and act as an incubator of entrepreneurial development. The last few years have seen a dramatic rise in work-from-home opportunities, but this only works for some.

Makerspace will boost the ability of innovators, artisans, content creators, designers, and entrepreneurs to launch into production and manufacturing, removing the barrier of start-up costs and investments.