The Space

Where is the Alberni Valley Makerspace?2023-02-04T14:32:48-08:00

We are located above the Recycling Depot at 3620 3rd Ave.

I’m curious! Can I check out the space?2023-04-06T13:11:50-07:00

Absolutely. We have a open house Fridays 4pm-9pm, and Weekends 10am-9pm, where a volunteer can show you around the space.

What are your hours of operation?2023-04-06T13:38:03-07:00

We are open Fridays 4pm-9pm, and Weekends 10am-9pm.

How do I access the building?2023-02-04T14:32:27-08:00

The building entrance is through the front gates on 3rd Ave and to the door on the right.

How do I access the lab without a membership? i.e. to attend a class or orientation?2023-02-04T14:15:34-08:00

Entry to the building is via the front door – for classes and workshops there will be someone there to let you in.

Am I allowed in the space after-hours?2023-02-01T22:09:49-08:00

At this point, no, but possibly in the future as we expand our operations.

Is your space wheelchair friendly?2023-02-04T14:15:15-08:00

Unfortunately our space is not wheelchair friendly as we are on the second floor and do not have a ramp or elevator.

Do you offer elevator access?2023-02-04T14:14:36-08:00

We do not currently have elevator access.

Where can I park?2023-02-04T14:14:10-08:00

There is parking in front of the building on the street, and across the road.

Can I bring food into the Makerspace?2023-02-04T14:47:51-08:00

We do not allow the consumption of food in the work space areas, however it is allowed in the common area.

Can I bring my dog into the lab?2023-02-01T22:09:48-08:00

We love dogs too, but this space is too small to accommodate animals. Service dogs, of course, are the exception and are allowed in the space.

The Equipment

What equipment do you have?2023-02-04T14:30:59-08:00

3D printers, wood working tools, electronics bench’s. We are always expanding these items and hope to have a laser cutter and more soon. Check out the full list.

Do I still need tool training if I’ve used the equipment before at another location?2023-02-01T22:13:05-08:00

Yes, you do. Each make and model has its own specifications and idiosyncrasies.

Do you let non-members use the tools?2023-02-01T22:13:05-08:00

No. You must be a member and complete the prerequisite tool training before you can use our equipment.

Are there any additional tool fees?2023-02-01T22:13:05-08:00

No. Our tools are free to use with a membership.

Members & Non-Members

At what age can I become a member?2023-02-01T22:15:22-08:00

Members must be at least 16 years of age. We offer super affordable student memberships :) Parents/guardians are required to complete your membership waiver if you are under 19 years.

Can I bring my child to work on a project together?2023-02-01T22:15:30-08:00

Yes! As long as you have a membership and they are at least 8 years old, you can bring kids up to the age of 15 for free, but they must be accompanied by an adult at all times and are not permitted to operate the equipment unassisted.

What do you expect of your members?2023-02-01T22:18:36-08:00

Members must undertake a safety orientation session (free as part of membership) and tool-specific training before you can access equipment. See the Join Page on our website. Tidy lab = happy lab. Members are expected to clean the workspace after use and put reusable materials and tools back to their original location. What you bring in, you bring out. There is no storage space at AVM yet, but we hope to have some space to store projects soon.

What is your refund policy on memberships?2023-02-01T22:15:41-08:00

Late membership cancellation fee: Memberships cancelled after payments have been processed, will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

Am I allowed to use Makerspace tools to mass-produce a product?2023-02-04T14:34:09-08:00

That’s awesome you’re at this point! While we’re not set up for commercial production, email us at info@albernimakerspace.ca for scaling options. We’re here to help.

Can I bring a friend up to the lab to show them my project?2023-02-01T22:15:49-08:00

Yes, you can, but only one guest per member.

Can I store my projects at the Makerspace?2023-02-04T14:33:39-08:00

At this time, no. However, we are hoping to have a small amount of storage for member projects in the near future.

How do I join?2023-02-04T14:12:47-08:00

Visit the Join page to find out how.

What’s the cost of a membership?2023-02-01T22:13:53-08:00

Visit the Join page for details.

Programs & Classes

What payment methods do you accept?2023-02-04T13:39:06-08:00

We use Square for our point of sales (Visa and Mastercard and cash).

Do you have activities for kids?2023-02-04T13:38:41-08:00

We have plenty of kids’ programming to get your kids creating. Visit our Youth Programs page.

Can I take classes if I’m not a member?2023-02-04T13:38:26-08:00

Absolutely. We are planning on adding classes and workshops over the coming months.

What is your refund policy on programs and/or classes?2023-02-04T13:38:07-08:00

Payments for classes are refundable up to 72 hours prior to the start time of the class, minus a $15 cancellation fee. After this time, refunds will not be issued. Refer to our Class Cancellation policy for details.


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