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1407, 2022

Construction has begun!

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Construction has begun! We're excited to have the electrical completed and the drywall is going up and nearing completion. We still have lots to do; Trim, lighting, doors, furniture, equipment... the list goes on. But we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Please donate now to help us hit our goal of a soft opening in September 2022.

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10 months ago

Hi there, So we are approaching a successful inspection and finally being able to open our doors to the public 🙂With that being said we have a few things we want to do beforehand. We are looking for PCs. We are happy to take any PC or MAC, but we are looking for PCs that can be used for programing classes, running our 3D printers and other equipment. We offer free and secure data destruction and are happy to put your old PC to good use. Other e-waste we are always happy to except donations of old TVs, video players, or other electronics. Tools, hand tools, power tools, or anything kind of tool. A community space like our Makerspace is there so that people can come in and use tools and have access to a space to use them. So if you have tools you’re not using send them our way and we will give them a new home. Craft supplies, or a roll of paper, or paper cutter, construction paper, or craft stuff we are happy to take them. Finally, we are looking for stools. We have been building benches and workspaces but standing and working is not as much fun as sitting and making is-haha. We are in the space Saturdays 10am to 2pm and can take donations then. There is parking in front of the space, and access to the space is from the metal gate on 3rd ave. As mentioned above we are not officially open yet so we are not running classes, but if it's not too busy we may be able to give a quick tour of the space. Shoot me an email and we would be happy to hear from you, and remember to share these posts and tell your friends 🙂Thanks Michael ... See MoreSee Less
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10 months ago

# I have a question, please bear with me I am not a tech-head. I have an old Sony analog radio 110-volt plug. I recently swapped out my workshop lighting to LED 4Inch LED flat ceiling. I am now experiencing electromagnetic interference. Do I have a simple fix? could I insolate the power cord? is there a device that I plug into and then plug into the socket? ... I know a lot of tech-savvy people on this page. I want to thank you in advance for any useable advice, please remember I and three levels above a caveman when it comes to this stuff , Cheers ... See MoreSee Less
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11 months ago

Hi there! So I have had to change the group from public to private (or ask a question before joining) sorry for the inconvenience to our new members but spammers be spamming and Facebook doesn’t offer better supports. Basically if you are a member you can post away, if you are visiting then you have to become a member before posting. Thanks Mike ... See MoreSee Less
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